On air sundays noon to midnight


The "Focus" Journey Continues!


30.06.24 - Jo.Int

07.07.24 - Etienne & Jah Melody

14.07.24 - Sookie

21.07.24 - Peach

28.07.24 - Hork & Mr. Hammond

















sundays noon to midnight



The "Focus" Journey continues!



30.06.24 - Jo.Int

07.07.24 - Etienne & Jah Melody

14.07.24 - Sookie

21.07.24 - Peach

28.07.24 - Hork & Mr. Hammond

















Born out of their passion for music, the founders Hubi (aka DJ Evil  Jazz Needle) and Alex (aka Soul Doc) decided to share this with other music lovers, and so the radio station “discoversoulfood” was born.

The radio station broadcasts on an irregular schedule. The sets consist of selected, handpicked tracks either live or from pre-produced recordings or playlists. In terms of style, they are a broad mix of soul, funk, jazz, reggae, latin, gospel, as well as modern sounds such as lounge, electro, house and tech-house.

On 4 September 2021, after a long preparation, we will broadcast our debut program – Stay tuned!



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Hubi  (Evil Jazz Needle) - Vinyl collector by heart. From 1991 to 2004 owner of the record store "Discover Art - Your partner in jazz".

He loves to play jazz and classic rhythm ’n’ blues sets as well as gospel and excotia from the 40’s to 70’s. Mainly original pressings! He plays regularly at the Kern Bar in Zurich.

Soul Doc
– As DJ Soul Doctor, he has played regularly in many renowned Zurich clubs from 1988 to 2005. His sounds are always soulful, groovy and funky. This broad spectrum is reflected in the “Funky Bastards“ sets. He feels also very much at home with the sound of labels like Trojan, Studio One, Soul-Jazz Records. His “Reggae Beats” sets are mainly influenced by reggae in all its facets.



Crown Propellernamed after a long-gone lounge in Chicago – has for several years been resident DJ at the Helsinki Club in Zurich, playing black music from roughly 1940 to 1964..Recently he has enjoyed doing jazz and classic rhythm ’n’ blues sets with DJ Hubi at Der Kern (also in Zurich). Lately he has rediscovered his love for the vast world of vintage reggae, dub and rocksteady.

Spruzzi - Spruzzi's Record Shop "monorecords.ch" has its 25th anniversary this year!
He has been collecting records for a good 40 years now and there still seems to be no end in sight. Spruzzi is also always a welcome guest on radio programmes. Tune in!

Jo Int - Collector and long-time musical companion of Spruzzi. dj@Gotthard, Kasheme & Kern Bar.

Dub Midas - The virus of collecting high quality (black) music started about 25 years ago. Studying sound engineering and work as a mixer/engineer mostly for Reggae and HipHop artists. Huge fan of the early dub pioneers like £$P, Scientist and the like. Njoy.

Peach & Etienne - They travel through the funk in a timeless manner, local and international stars, the weird and wonderful are only a fader length apart. Tune in and have fun!

Die Plattenleger -
The name is program. Vinyl only! He has been a music lover & collector for 35 years.
The joy of a wide variety of music is celebrated when DJing or with regular broadcasts on Radio Kanal K.

Sookie - Has been an enthusiatic collector since the earely 90's and was djing  in clubs like Moods, Kanzlei & Abart. For him, its all about soulful mood and juicy grooves that get your feet tapping.

Hork - Record collector and record player for over 30 years, loves funky grooves and soundtracks, part of the first soul/funk weekender in Zurich presented by Monorecords, with the 45's Brothers since 2019.

Repos  - Living a life full of music. Collector, Jazz Dream Setter & Record Dealer @ Rena Kaufmann Zürich. A consistent keyboard figure in the local music scene, marking the core of his musical activity with the band "Flava Sauce" and his solo-project "Micro Soul".

Jazz Fisher - Collector & dj@Kasheme Bar

Mario Walser - Passionate record collector with a preference for black music from the past to the present. Contributions in various projects (Loungechic Productions, Stereo Deluxe, Mono Records).

G-Blaidd - Has been a keene record collector for more than 50 years with broadcasts/DJing on Radio Kanal K. The “old” man is a convert to the idea of hip hop and loves to play rap and also krautrock.

Black Gold - Wholehearteddly Collector of Soul/Funk n rare Groove since teenage. Creator of Music Voyages since 10 years. Radio LoRa / Cinque Bistro Richterswil 



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